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Hidden case files -joeseph Bondy

Joseph A. Bondy

Joseph A. Bondy is a criminal defense attorney in Manhattan, New York. A graduate of Columbia University and Brooklyn Law School, Mr. Bondy has established himself as a zealous advocate for wrongfully convicted prisoners. His dedicated courtroom advocacy and written work have won numerous clients dismissals, acquittals, reduced sentences, and appellate reversals.

Bill Clutter

Bill Clutter

Bill Clutter is a prominent Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator with the national Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council. Bill Clutter was the principal founder of the Downstate Illinois Innocence Project at the University of Illiniois at Springfield (UIS), where he currently serves as Director of Investigations. Bill's investigative work into wrongful convictions has been recognized throughout the nation. Bill's work in the capital cases of Rolando Cruz and Alejandro Hernandez contributed to their exoneration in 1995, and was featured in the book "Victims of Justice." In 2004, Bill's investigative work also helped lead to the exoneration of Randy Steidl, which was featured on CBS 48 Hours "Murder in Paris."

Hidden case Files - Dan Murphy

Dan Murphy

Dan Murphy is the renowned editor and chief of Rising Media, LLC, which is comprised of nine weekly New York newspapers. In 2009, Mr. Murphy, along with the Rising Media team, began its independent investigation into Angelo DiPietro's conviction. On August 20, 2010, Rising Media released the series "Search for Justice: The DiPietro Case," which revealed devastating evidence in support of Angelo DiPietro's innocence.

Hidden Case Files - Anthony DiPietro

Anthony DiPietro

Anthony DiPietro was one of the primary catalysts in starting the investigation into his father's innocence. For the past five years, DiPietro has worked as a paralegal specializing in post-conviction motions. He is a dedicated advocate for prisoner rights and judicial reform. He has helped attorneys pen numerous briefs for inmates seeking to prove their innocence, including petitions for DNA testing under the Innocence Protection Act of 2005. DiPietro is a current law student, and a graduate of Berkeley College, where he academically ranked number one out of a graduating class of fifteen hundred.

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