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Angelo DiPietro

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Since you Entered our site people have been convicted of a felony crime. There are more than 1,132,290 felony convictions in the U.S. every year since 2006. Of this annual number, it is estimated that at least 10,000 of those convicted are actually innocent... more

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Do you know of a case of wrongful conviction and want to get the word out? Want to rally suport for such a case? Contact us here on our contact page more
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In 2006, Wardell Newsome was wrongfully convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to 35 years in an Arkansas prison. The State's case rested upon the testimony of a single eyewitness, who claimed that Newsome was a triggerman at the scene of the crime. Since trial, however, credible evidence has emerged showing that Newsome was innocent and that the prosecution's sole eyewitness was miles away from the scene at the time the murder occurred. Newsome's quest for a new trial was denied, although he presented devastating forensic evidence, eyewitness accounts, evidence of an alternative suspect, and four alibi witnesses in support of his innocence claim... more coming soon
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Lathierial Boyd, a 24 yr. old black man living in Chicago, was arrested, convicted and sentenced to 82 years in prison for crimes he did not commit. Nine out of the nine eyewitnesses present on the night in question, who viewed the police lineup, could not identify anyone –including Boyd- as the perpetrator. Without any positive identification... more
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In 1987, Michael Morton, now 57, was wrongfully convicted for the brutal beating death of his wife, Christine Morton. Morton was convicted of his wife’s murder, and sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison - even though there were no eyewitnesses or direct evidence that connected him to this horrendous crime... more
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In 2005, Angelo DiPietro was wrongfully convicted by a federal jury for his participation in an alleged kidnapping of a Ponzi scheme operator, known as John Perazzo. At DiPietro's trial, the prosecution relied extensively on the testimony of a jailhouse snitch, Maurizio "Mo" Sanginiti, who claimed that Angelo DiPietro unleashed a slew of friends to kidnap John Perazzo in an effort to recoup monies that he had stolen. In exchange for his testimony, Maurizio Sanginiti, who was facing life in prison... more
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