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Victim Points Finger By Dan Murphy 8/5/2011

The investigation into the wrongful conviction of Angelo DiPietro has taken a startling turn. Recent court filings and investigative documents obtained by Rising Media have revealed that state and federal officials involved in the case may ultimately be the main culprits in the fabrication of the kidnapping story that landed DiPietro in prison for the rest of his life... more

Westchester Rising pdf

Hollywood Takes Interest By Dan Murphy 4/13/2011

Rising Media Group has been in talks with a Hollywood film producer interested in our coverage of the case of Angelo DiPietro, who is sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison for a crime that many believe never even happened.

DiPietro, 54, is currently housed in a high level security facility in Pennsylvania where he has spent the last eight years of his life convicted of a fabricated kidnapping story, concocted by a Ponzi scheme operator... more

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A Miscarriage of Justice By Dan Murphy 8/20/2010

Initially, Rising took little interest in the case of organized crime figure Angelo DiPietro, who is currently serving a life sentence in federal prison for kidnapping, extortion and robbery charges that he claims he never committed.

Until recently, many media sources, including Rising, had ignored DiPietro's conviction and the possibility of prosecutorial foul play. Government propaganda and fabricated nicknames, like "Fat Angelo," had conveniently... more

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DiPietro Case: part 2 By Dan Murphy 9/03/2010

Rising Media recently began an exclusive series on the case of Angelo DiPietro, who is currently serving a life sentence for a host of crimes that he may never have committed. DiPietro was apparently wrongfully convicted by a federal jury for his alleged participation in a kidnapping that government witness Maurizio "Mo" Sanginiti claimed to have occurred at the Cross County Shopping Center on June 29, 2001. At DiPietro's trial, the victim of this possibly- fictional kidnapping was identified by Sanginiti as John Perazzo... more

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Part 3, Witnesses Demand Justice By Dan Murphy 9/17/2010

The case of Angelo DiPietro continues to unveil the depths of a flawed justice system and the ramifications of tainted politics in Westchester. Angelo DiPietro, 53, was unjustly sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison after being wrongfully convicted by a federal jury for his alleged role in the fictional kidnapping of scam artist, John Perazzo, who had bilked millions of dollars from Westchester residents.

Earlier this year, DiPietro began his legal attempts to overturn... more

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The Search for Justice By Dan Murphy 11/12/2010

It appears that the United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York has officially taken the proverbial low road in the case of Angelo DiPietro. According to a recent court filing, the prosecuting attorneys have told Magistrate Judge Henry B. Pitman that they have no intention of producing any of the evidence that they have been withholding from DiPietro's defense team for the past seven years. Prosecutors wrote that it is their belief that neither DiPietro's defense attorney Joseph A. Bondy nor Innocence Project investigator.... more

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