The Walks of Innocence

Lathierial Boyd, a 24 yr. old black man living in Chicago, was arrested, convicted and sentenced to 82 years in prison for crimes he did not commit.  Nine out of the nine eyewitnesses present on the night in question, who viewed the police lineup, could not identify anyone –including Boyd- as the perpetrator.  Without any positive identification, however, prosecutors proceeded to trial against Boyd, concocting that Boyd had committed the crimes to settle a longstanding drug debt. Without any corroborating evidence, prosecutors presented its case based on the testimony of the surviving victim that he had identified Boyd after being shot. At Boyd’s trial, prosecutors submitted evidence to support this bogus theory, which included Boyd’s pager number and a license plate identification that purportedly connected Boyd to the scene.

Unwilling to die in prison for a crime he did not commit, Boyd continued his fight. After twelve years, the prosecution’s case began to crumble as the WGN News Chicago aired it own investigation into Boyd’s case, revealing devastating evidence of prosecutorial misconduct, suppression of evidence, and serious questions of innocence.

As the investigation became public, it was clear that Boyd's case was built upon a pack of lies, manipulation, and deceit. The only corroborating evidence to the prosecutors’ theory at trial was quickly deemed to be manufactured and false. During a post-conviction evidentiary hearing, the court was presented with evidence from the Department of Motor Vehicles that  excluded Boyd from ever possessing the license plate the state claimed belonged to him.  Additionally, new evidence arose showing that the pager number relied upon by the prosecution was not owned or possessed by Boyd.  More disturbingly, prosecutors had suppressed witness statements made during the identification process, including the proclamation of someone present at the scene of the crime. This undisclosed witness had told the police that they simply "have the wrong man!" 

Lathierial Boyd's ultimate fate now lies in the hands of the United States Supreme Court, with whom Boyd’s legal team have lodged a petition to have his conviction voided.


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